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2021 China EHS and Sustainability Summit


The reform and opening up have facilitated accelerated economic and social reforms, and updating technologies. In this context, enterprises of all sizes are confronted with increasingly challenging environmental, health, and safety management. The development trends of leading enterprises in their respective industries indicate that sustainable development is the focus and latest pursuit of the days to come. As components of the sustainable development of enterprises, the environment, health, and safety (EHS) have been indicators of an eligible supplier. In recent years, the government has been reinforcing supervision, administration, and law enforcement of enterprises' EHS, not only for guaranteeing their safety production, but moreover, seeking for the sustainable development of enterprises and society. Instead of a trend, it is more related to social responsibility for tomorrow and all mankind. Therefore, EHS and sustainability have gradually become the key subjects for business managers and professional managers of EHS.

The "2021 China EHS and Sustainability Summit & Exhibition " is scheduled for May 2021 through the summit and exhibition on EHSS (environment, health, safety, and sustainability). The Summit & Expo intends to inform business managers and professional managers of EHSS of the EHS management mode of international leading enterprises, as a foundation to exercise such a mode within the enterprises; enable enterprises to conduct standard EHS management required by national laws and regulations, and enhance enterprises' self-management consciousness and executive capacity of EHS policies and standards, by which facilitating the realization of corporate sustainable development. Through the on-site professional product demonstration, it is expected to help participants expand the channels of information and technology exchange in related fields, display enterprises' excellent practical experience and technical achievements in EHS, thus promoting technology innovation and development related to EHSS.

※ Topic

  • New Development in Laws and Regulations Related to EHS

  • Water Environment Monitoring and Pollution Prevention and Control - Opportunities and Challenge

  • Innovation and Practice in Emission Supervision and Control of VOC

  • Continuously Improve the Level of Safety and Environmental Protection through the New Technology of HSE Managemen

  • Zero Defect in Safety Management, High-efficiency Production, and Safe Independent Managemen

  • Risk Analysis of EHS and Responsibility Implementation of Development Project

  • Corporate Sustainability Goals and Status Qu

  • Latest Challenges and Trend Analysis in Raw Material Management under Plastic Restrictions - Practical Challenges for Zero Landfil

  • Innovative Measures for Sustainable Development and Difficulties in Management - Carbon Emissions, Water Resources, Resource Utilizatio

  • How to Build Enterprises' Green Supply Chains - Sharing of Practice in Sustainable Supply Chains

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