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2021 China FMCG & Retail EHS and Sustainability Summit


All the governments, together with their people, have always been attaching great importance to the EHS(Environment, Health, Safety) and the sustainable development of the petrochemical industry and heavy industry, which have caused environmental pollution and posed threat to the human safety. By contrast, less concern has been given to the light industry, FMCG industry and the retail industry. In the past few years, with an increasing global temperature, people have started to pay more attention to the following consequences caused by the global warming, signing Paris Agreement, the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, UNGG and other contracts with the intention to improve the global environment. In the past two years, all the governments and the society have put more restricts on the sustainable development of the enterprises. Under the support of the government, the business managers have placed greater controls and tougher enforcement of the EHS(Environment, Health, Safety), which constitutes the premises for the core competence and the sustainable development of the enterprises.

The strict measures taken to prevent and control the global pandemic led to a dramatic decline of the movement of people, posing a direct impact on the retail business in physical stores and therefore leaving great influence on the most FMCG brands dependent on the offline sales.In order to fully implement the President Xi Jinping’s commitment of peaking carbon dioxide emission before 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060,

2021 China FMCG & Retail EHS and Sustainability International Summit will focus on the topics of "Environmental Compliance, Safety Production, Carbon Neutral, Sustainable Supply Chain, ESG". In view of the specificities of FMCG & Retail industry, it will provide corporate managers and EHSS professional managers with the latest EHS news and other sustainable practices in the industry so that they can seize opportunities and face with challenges.

※ Highlights

  • Analysis of the Latest Trends and Developments in the FMCG & Retail EHS and Sustainability

  • Trends of Environmental Laws and Regulations in the FMCG & Retail Industry

  • The Impacts of Latest Safety Laws and Regulations on the FMCG & Retail Industry and How Can Enterprises Avoid the Negative Impacts?

  • Experience of digital EHS management innovation

  • Enterprise Safety Leadership Management and Practice Sharing

  • Enterprise Fire Safety Management and Hazard Detection Solutions

  • Challenges for EHSS Managers of 3060 Double Carbon Targets. How Do Manufacturing Enterprises do ? How Do Brands Responses?

  • Essentials of EHS &Sustainability Management in Logistics and Warehousing

  • Sharing of Practices of Occupational Hazard Control Measures

  • New Consumer Trends and Practices in Sustainable Fashion to Help Brands’ Sustainable Development

  • Corporate ESG Risk Management Solutions in Global Sustainable Development Era

  • Innovative Practices in Promoting Sustain  able Development of Retail Brands

  • The Road to the future of sustainable packaging and Current Situation

  • Innovation of Reducing Carbon Emissions , Renewable Resource Recycling to Ensure Brands’ Sustainable Development

  • Continuous Optimization of "the Global Value Chains" for Sustainable Development of the Respective Supply Chains

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